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Past Performance

UNCFSP has extensive experience in promoting and managing collaborative efforts between government and Minority Institutions (MIs) in the areas of workforce development, capacity building, and global affairs. The corporation specializes in connecting organizations to success by providing technical assistance and managing partnerships that improve offerings by establishing the power of many in areas such as research and development, defense, health care, national security, and education:


400+ Faculty fellowships and internships awarded

1000+ Student fellowships and internships awarded

988 Curricula enhanced or developed

182 Students earning graduate degrees while under programs

220 Faculty research awards granted

67 Studies or reports produced

145 Student research grants awarded

63 Conferences held

69 Newsletters created

217 Trainings/Technical assistance workshops provided

240 Alliances/Consortia created to pursue opportunities

88 Multimedia products created

A sample of UNCFSP's notable efforts include:

Department of Defense (Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering)



Department of Energy (Office of Legacy Management)



Department of Energy



National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (Office of Education)



National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (Office of Education)



Department of Education



National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL))



National Library of Medicine (NLM) (Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education)



Department of Justice (Office of Community Oriented Policing Services Program and Policy Support Evaluation/Training and Technical Assistance Division)


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